How does the white screen work?

3 months 1 week ago #603 by markbrown
The white screen comes with a simple set of steps. Anyone can use it without any problem or assistance; the tool is made so that it gives a simple and satisfying experience.You need to click on the blank white screen or display if you want a white background and click on the given colors.
  • bright red screen
  • light yellow screen
  • light pink screen
  • light purple screen
  • green Screen
  • black Screen
Steps to be followed:Step 1: Open the website, and you’ll land on the home page.Step 2: Tap on the image of the white-screened monitor on your screen.Step 3: The background, or display image, can be seen turning completely white.Step 4: By pressing on the color you need the most, the pixels can be treated, and the dust can be cleaned.

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